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original title: Shikabane hime kuro

genge: Animation,Action,Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Thriller


imdb: 6.9




keywords: revenge, death, femalehero, friendship, otaku, zombie, monk, sequel, basedonmanga, anime

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If you have yet to see "Shikabane hime aka" you really need to see it first as this is the conclusion of that series, these comments assume you have seen it. Set six months after the first series Makina hasn't got over the death of her contracted monk Keisei, Ouri has been training so he can continue as her contracted monk and several new characters have been introduced. Whereas the early episodes of the first series were self contained all the episodes of this series cover the battle to defeat the group of Shikabane knows as the Seven Stars. This leads to a greater sense of danger as these Shikabane appear to be stronger and with the help of the Traitor monk have a plan to defeat the Shikabane Hime once and for all.

This series contained quite a bit more fanservice than the previous one; female contractor monk Rika's costume shows off her massive breasts in a way that isn't strictly necessary, there is also a hot spring scene although the nudity is never full as steam or water obscures the parts a certain monk is hoping to see. Early episodes contain a nice amount of humour but things get darker as the series progresses. I liked the fact that the villains weren't totally evil; Hokuto in particular invoked sympathy from this viewer, neither were the heroes entirely pure; when we learn a secret in the penultimate episode concerning the fate of the Shikabane Hime they come across in a very bad light. I'd certainly recommend watching this series which, at the time I write this, available to watch for free on Funimation's YouTube channel.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.


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